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What People Are Saying

Partners + Napier

Courtney Cotrupe, CEO

Talya is the real deal. I hired Talya to speak at a full agency event and was so impressed. Her refreshing, honest, authentic and entertaining approach was a perfect match for helping us navigate change in the agency. Talya is a wonderful combination of compassion and humor and I look forward to working with her again.

Elmwood Dental Group

Janessa A Damico, Clinical Administrator

Talya was not only amazing to work with behind the scenes but also left a long lasting impression with our staff. Her professionalism, charisma, humor, attentiveness, and empathy easily impressed our management team and the staff. Talya did not treat us like a "client" but more like a friend that she wanted to be sure succeeded. Our team of 50+ staff members were a bit divided. We completed 3 courses with Talya that included full staff interaction and personalized exercises to get everyone to listen to each other better, understand each other and create core values that everyone in the office chose and agreed to live by. We cannot thank Talya enough for helping our team become stronger and more united than ever before. Being in the customer service industry, it is not only important to make sure that our staff is treating our patients with the utmost respect, but also each other; Talya helped all of us to make sure we understood that and wanted to live every day with a devotion to our core values.

Flower City Communications

David Clark, President

When it comes to business speakers, sometimes I feel as though i have heard them all. Talya proves that is not correct. She tackles workplace culture from a unique perspective. She gave me immediate value that I could implement in my business, improving my interpersonal skills at the same time.


David Carnes, CEO

EO Boston was lucky to have Talya present to its membership and have her join us as the guest of honor at a women's networking dinner. At both Talya provided great insights and sparked lively conversations. OpFocus asked Talya to lead a half-day workshop on building a respectful workplace- with many on staff asking how often we'll have her back to reinforce her messages. Talya was great to work with on all three projects- I look forward to working with her again in the future.



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